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  • New Honors Course Available Fall 2017 – Honors Internship

  • Only 3 Spots Left for Our New HC Opportunity: A Year-Long Experiential Collaboration with Roosevelt University! Register today!

  • Study Abroad in the Caribbean this summer! (Applications now open)

  • Still need a Spring Honors Activity? Consider HON 200

  • Spring 2018 Honors Course List Available

  • HON 200 – Honors Internship

  • All Honors Students: Register for HON 222 or HON 322 for Spring 2016

    Remember that all Honors College students should be registered for HON 222: Honors Activity (0 credit hours) each semester, unless you are working on your Honors Capstone project.  If you are working on your Honors Capstone project, you should NOT register for HON 222 and should instead register for HON 322: Honors Capstone Activity (0 credit hours) for Spring 2015.  If you have questions, please contact your Honors Advisor.

    HON 222 - Honors Activity

    0 credit hours. Required for all Honors College students each Fall and Spring. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade


    15072 (for students whose last name starts with A through K)        

    15073 (for students whose last name starts with L through Z)


    HON 322 - Honors Capstone

    For students conducting work this term to satisfy your Honors Capstone

    0 credit hours. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade

    Call number: 28672

  • LAS announces a new online LAS minor declaration form!

  • New HON 201 Seminars for Fall

    Check out these new Honors Seminar offerings for Fall 2016!

    Interested? Register online. Want to see more options? View the full list of Honors courses for Fall 2016! Remember that taking an Honors course can fulfill your Honors Activity requirement. Or if you already have an idea about what to do for your Honors activity, consider taking these exciting courses for your personal growth and enrichment!

    HON 201              Current Issues in Health Policy and Economics – 1 hour

    13765                    2:00 – 2:50           T                                                              J. Lifton

    This seminar will explore current issues in health policy and economics. Initially we will cover basic background information to consider and discuss issues in the subsequent segments. Subsequent seminars will consider legislative, regulatory, policy, economic, and other issues. These will include the impact of Medicare and Medicaid, the history and impact of the Affordable Care Act, the value of the $3 trillion we spend on healthcare each year, and the political/campaigning element to healthcare.


    HON 201              Insightful Problem Solving and the Aha! Experience – 1 hour

    13767                    2:00 – 2:50           W                                                            J. Wiley

    Problem solving is an important cognitive activity that all humans engage in every day, from more mundane example problems such as deciding which bus to take, to more grandiose examples such as creating art or engaging in the scientific discovery process.  On some occasions, the discovery of a solution to a problem is marked by an Aha! experience, where the solution comes unexpectedly into consciousness to fill a gap and provide the closure we had been searching for. Cognitive scientists, Psychologists and scholars in the History and Philosophy of Science represent just some of the disciplinary arenas that have attempted to define and explain what Aha! experiences are, what they represent, and how we achieve them.  In this seminar we will discuss a series of seminal readings on this topic, and students will also gain hands-on experience with a variety of research methods used to explore insightful problem solving in laboratory contexts.  This course will be broad and general enough so that it will be accessible even to students without a background in cognitive psychology. 

  • Spring 2016 Honors Course List Available

    Looking for an Honors Core Course or an Honors Activity for the Spring?  Want to explore a new area of study for fun, or delve deeper into your discipline or professional area of interest?  View the list of Honors Core Courses, Honors Seminars, and Honors Lectures for Spring 2016!  The Spring 2016 Honors Course List is available on the website: https://www.uic.edu/honors/learning/courses2.shtml

    Questions? Contact your Honors Advisor.


  • McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine Summer School (Applications due 4/30)

  • Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar: Applications due 10/18

  • Online Summer Programs from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy

  • LAS 289 Fall Internship Proposal Form

    LAS 289 is a variable credit hour course.  For every 60 hours at your internship, you can earn 1 credit, 120 hours earns two credits and 180+ hours earns three credits.  There is also a monthly seminar attached to this course (syllabi attached). Ms. Robin B. Hursey will be offering the monthly seminars on Wednesday's on 9/21, 10/19 and 11/16 at 3-4:30pm OR on Thursday's on 9/22, 10/20 and11/17 at 3:30-5pm. There are only 20 seats available in each seminar, so you should submit your proposal as soon as possible.

    If you have secured a fall internship and would like to earn elective credit for your internship you will need to complete the form on-line (it must be typed), print and then call Ms. Hursey's office to schedule an appointment, 312-996-0425, for approval.

  • HON 201: Foundations for the Future

    HON 201: Foundations for the Future - 1 hour
    13761     3:00 – 3:50 Wednesdays

    This is an important professional development course for juniors and sophomores that will give you tools to succeed at UIC and beyond. It will be required of all Honors students starting with the incoming freshman class, but existing students can now register for it too. Guiding you through the next steps in your academic and professional career, it will cover four major units—research and other forms of creative scholarship, major awards, career/internship/graduate school, and long-term future goals.  You’ll examine scholarly and practical issues to help you to get ready for the Honors Capstone; locate and apply for major awards and fellowships; discover post-baccalaureate, grad school, and career possibilities; polish networking and mentoring skills; and encourage life-long learning and financial literacy.  Class discussions and readings will be supplemented with interactive activities such as creating a resume and online persona, panel discussions with invited speakers, and mock interviews.

    Interested? Register online. Want to see more options? View the full list of Honors courses for Fall 2015! Remember that taking an Honors course can fulfill your Honors Activity requirement. Or if you already have an idea about what to do for your Honors activity, consider taking these exciting courses for your personal growth and enrichment! 

  • Take HON 124: POP! Art and Culture that Rocked British Society in the 1960s and head to London for Spring Break 2020!

  • HON 200 Internship Course

  • SPH Course: "Epidemics of Injustice: Understanding Our History to Fight for a Liberated Future"

  • Medicine in Art Course--Spring 2020

  • Want to work with the UIC Children's Health and Wellness Academy this spring? Take PT 496!

  • Honors Activity Still Available!

  • Spring 2019 Honors Course List Available

  • OT 360: Promoting Wellbeing

  • Still Looking for an Honors Activity for the Fall?

  • UIC Health and Wellness Academy – Spring 2018

  • Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar (Spring 2018) – Apply by 10/30

  • Fall 2019 Honors Course List Available

  • Fulbright UK Summer Institutes for 1st and 2nd Year Students

  • Register for an Honors Seminar for Spring 2015!

    Seats are still available in a variety of exciting Honors Seminars for Spring 2015!  Take these courses to fulfill your Honors Activity for the semester, or for your own personal growth and enrichment!

    HON 294: Leadership: A Skill to be Learned and Earned, 3 credit hours, TR 9:30 - 10:45 

    A select few HON 201 Seminars include the following.  Visit http://www.uic.edu/honors/learning/documents/20151-CourseListWEB.pdf for a full course listing!  Contact your Honors Advisor with questions.

    (1) HON 201: Think Global, Act Local: Global Health Service Learning Program, T 1:00 to 1:50; CRN: 15068


    (2) The Anthropocene and the Sixth Extinction: Human Impact on Earth’s Natural Systems, W 2:00-2:50


  • Study Abroad Scholarships and Opportunities (Deadline to apply to Study Abroad: 3/13)

  • CC 120 First Year Dialogue Seminar open for 2nd 8-week session (Spring 2015) Registration

    UIC First-Year Dialogue Seminar: Engaging UIC's diverse community through dialogue

    The UIC First-Year Dialogue Seminar (Campus Courses 120/CC120) is an 8-week course worth 1 credit hour that focuses on diversity and social justice issues.

    Topics covered in CC 120 include:

    Each session of the seminar lasts 110 minutes and consists of facilitated dialogue activities in class.  Outside of class, students are expected to complete assigned readings and reflection papers. Course topics include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Practicing Dialogue Skills
    • Exploring Complexities of Identity
    • Privilege and Discrimination
    • Civic Engagement in the Community

    Registration for the First Year Dialogue Seminar (CC120) is open for Spring 2015, and will remain so until March 13th (Term B).  

    Learn more at http://uicdialogues.wordpress.com/. Please contact Steve Whitley with questions swhitl2@uic.edu<mailto:swhitl2@uic.edu>.

  • Unique Honors Section of PHYS 142 for Fall 2015

    Unique Section of PHYS 142 - Electricity and Magnetism
    Fall 2015 Semester

    Lecture & Discussion: MWF 9 - 9:50am, W 2 - 2:50 pm
    Lab: R 12 - 1:50 pm
    CRN: 38464 & 38497

    The Department of Physics is offering a unique dedicated small-classroom size section of our Physics 142 course in Electricity and Magnetism. The class will be limited to 24 students and the primary lecture/discussion hours will be held in one of the new integrated multimedia rooms in Lincoln Hall (LH 115).

    The course will be taught by Professor Andreas Schroeder, winner of the UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching, and will be focused on enabling students to succeed and excel in an environment dedicated to improving your problem solving skills and enhancing your understanding of the exciting physics foundations of electricity and magnetism. This course will also count for Honors Activity credit. The section is now open for registration, which will be on a first-come-first served basis.  Students must have completed the standard prerequisites for PHYS 142 to register for the course: Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or better in MATH 181 and Grade of C or better in PHYS 141 or consent of the instructor. 

    Contact Dr. Schroeder with questions about the course: andreas@uic.edu.  You may also contact your Academic Advisor to discuss whether taking PHYS 142 is a good course option for you in the Fall.  

  • Summer Course: Work on your own Time--Middle East Gender

  • $10,000 grant to Explore STEM and Society in Latin America! (Application deadline 10/10)

  • HON 201 Global Health Seminar

    HON 201: "Think Global, Act Local: Global Health Service Learning Program" 

         T 1:00 to 1:50; CRN: 15068

    The seminar is taught by Dr. Stacey Chamberlain at the Department of Emergency Medicine. She is also the Director of Humanitarian Service, UIC Center for Global Health. She will take students to local communities such as Lawndale Christian Health Center, Asian Human Services Family Health Center, Illinois Heart Rescue, ChildLink, and Casa Juan Diego, to implement service-learning projects to address identified health-related needs. Students will be working in teams to learn how global health concepts can be realized in local settings!

    There are only a few seats left, so move quickly if you want to seize the opportunity!

    A detailed description of the seminar follows below:


    Think Global, Act Local: Global Health Service Learning Program

    Dr. Stacey Chamberlain

    The Global Health Service Learning Program spring seminar will engage students in a service learning project in conjunction with a local community organization. Students will apply global health concepts in local settings by working in teams with an organization to plan and implement a service learning project that addresses a health-related need identified by the community.  Students will gain real-life experience to enhance their understanding of global health concepts such as the burden of disease, health disparities, and social determinants of health, while building their competencies in cultural exchange, professionalism, communication, project planning and implementation, and teamwork.  Most importantly, through their projects, students will be actively contributing to improving health in Chicago neighborhoods.

    Students who have not taken the fall seminar classroom-based prerequisite course will be required to participate in a preparatory make-up session during the first two weeks of classes. 

  • Newly Added Honors Sections and Honors 201 Seminars for Fall 2018

  • UIC 2014 Summer Class Schedule Now Online

    Thinking of taking summer classes at UIC?  You can now view the Summer Course Schedule online here: 


    If you have questions regarding what courses to take, contact your advisor.

  • Looking for an Honors Activity? Take an Honors Seminar!

    Seats are still available in a variety of exciting one-credit Honors Seminars for Fall 2014!  Take these courses to fulfill your Honors Activity for the semester, or for your own personal growth and enrichment!

    A select few HON 201 Seminars include the following.  Visit http://www.uic.edu/honors/learning/courses2.shtml for a full course listing!

    HON 201 Think Global, Act Local: Global Health Service Learning Program
    Tuesdays, 3:30 - 4:45 pm, Taught by Dr. Chamberlain, CRN: 32758

    Take this seminar to learning about global health issues AND begin to address them!  This special two-semester course sequence will focus on core global health concepts during the fall semester --- topics such as the global burden of disease, the intersection of global health and human rights, social determinants of health, and more.  Then, in the spring semester, students will work in partnership with a local community organization to implement a service learning project to address these issues.  Students will be expected to take both the fall and spring semester seminars; the fall seminar will be a pre-requisite for the spring seminar.

    Course Highlight: HON 201 Who Was Uncle Tom?
    Tuesdays, 2:00 - 2:50 pm, 1 credit hour, Taught by Professor Cirillo, CRN: 13763

    The Richard J. Daley Library houses three rare collections focused on the Atlantic slavery and the trade and these provided the materials for an exhibit mounted in 2012-13. This September, the Library will host an exhibit from the University of Birmingham, England, entitled, Visualizing Uncle Tom’s Cabin, using promotional materials from the 19th century of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel of 1852, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This seminar will utilize the reading of Stowe’s novel and a supporting history of the slave trade, Marcus Rediker’s The Slave Ship, as well as visits to the Stowe exhibit and the documentary collection in the Daley Library. 

    HON 201 An Introduction to Faculty Research on Diversity
    Thursdays, 9:30 – 10:45 am, Taught by Dr. Lori Baptista, Director of the African American Cultural Center, CRN: 13770

    Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about diversity from a variety of different perspectives!  The course will feature different faculty guest speakers from across campus who will share about their research on a variety of topics related to race, ethnicity, prejudice, discrimination, diversity, social identity, cultural understanding and diaspora, etc. 

    HON 201 Introduction to Research and Critical Thinking
    Tuesdays, 9:30 - 10:45 am, Taught by Dr. McKirnan, CRN: 21199

    Interested in getting involved in undergraduate research in the future?  This course will help prepare students with a foundation in research.  It will help you understand various types of research and how to develop a strong research question.  You also will learn about how to seek out research, where to find funding, how to handle IRB issues, and more.  Note: This course will be a 2-credit hour blended module package with one Honors seminar and one online course.

  • PHYS 393: Introduction to Biophysics Course in Fall 2014

    The Physics Dept is offering a 3-credit interdisciplinary course "Introduction to Biophysics" this fall under the course number Phys 393.  The course is designed for undergraduate students who have an interest in the physical and quantitative aspects of biology. Students interested in enrolling in the class should sign up as soon as possible.  

    For additional information, click on the post to see the flyer.  You can also contact Prof. Anjum Ansari in the Physics Dept (ansari@uic.edu) for additional information regarding the course.  If you have questions about whether or not you should take the course, please contact your Academic Advisor.

  • Spring 2020 CR/NC Policy & Considerations for Pre-Health Programs

  • Public Health (PUBH) Summer Offerings

  • New Honors Section in OT 494: Promoting Wellbeing

  • Engaged Humanities Initiative courses for Fall 2020

  • NEW SUMMER HONORS COURSES START NEXT WEEK! Seats still available in required HON 201 & HON 301 classes!

  • 2016 Summer Course Preview now available!

    UIC Summer Session can be the resource students need to get ahead, catch up, finish in four.

    Check out the 2016 UIC Summer Session preview of courses now. The full course schedule will be available on January 19.

    The 2016 Summer Session dates are:

    4-week session: May 16 - June 10

    8-week session: June 13 - August 5

    Questions? Comments? Contact Natalie Kokorudz at 3-9075 or nkokor1@uic.edu.

  • Honors Activity Option: Network, Lead, Succeed: HON 401

    HON 401 offers a fun and exciting line-up of speakers.  This is an excellent chance to pave a path to a success. The class will meet on Tu/Thursday mornings. Look for HON401 on the schedule of classes and sign up today.

    New speakers are still being added, so stay tuned! 

    The schedule currently includes: 

    • "Gender and Leadership." Emilia DiMenco, former Executive VP BMO Harris Bank, N.A., & current President/CEO Women’s Business Development Center
    • "Emotional Intelligence."  Cecelia Mazanke, Owner, Direct Connect Coaching
    • "Leading in International Contexts."  Donald Bielinski, former Chairman, Asia Pacific, Hudson Global, & current Managing Partner, SMB Interim Management, LLC
    • "Leadership and Creative Risk." Scott Dikkers, Founding Editor and Vice President for Creative Development of The Onion
  • Enroll in a class through UIC at Newberry Library to conduct research on "Mexico and Peru through Word and Image" with optional short-term study in Peru

    Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar: Mexico and Peru through Word and Image, 1492 – 1820

    Looking for a unique opportunity to take a class with students from other universities and do research about Mexico and Peru this Spring?  Apply for the Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar!

    The Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar is a team-taught interdisciplinary course that is open to undergraduates from four Chicago-area universities (DePaul, Loyola, UIC, and Roosevelt).  Taught at one of America’s foremost research libraries, students take part in an intensive classroom experience that will culminate in the preparation of an independent research project.  The course will take place at the Newberry Library during the Spring 2015 semester but students would register for the course through UIC under an LAS rubric.  The seminar topic for Spring 2015 is “Mexico and Peru through Word and Image, 1492 – 1820.”

    Students who take the course will also be eligible to travel to Peru with a group from Roosevelt University May 8 – 21, 2015.

    More information can be found at http://www.newberry.org/newberry-library-undergraduate-seminar and in the documents attached below. 

    Come to an Info Session to learn more!

    Monday, October 27 at 3:00 pm
    114 Burnham Hall

    RSVP’s requested but not required: http://go.uic.edu/NewberryInfoSession

    We recommend that you bring at least an outline and preferably a draft of your application along to the Info Session so you can apply what you learn directly to perfecting it!


    Applications are due November 3, 2014.  The application is attached below.  


    Contact Dr. Lisa Freeman at lfreeman@uic.edu or 312-355-2530.

  • New HON 201 Available! Faculty-In-Residence course in JST: Engaging Ideas to Build Leaders and Scholars

    In partnership with Campus Housing, we are offering a section of HON 201 (Honors Seminar) on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 in JST!  This course is titled “Engaging Ideas to Build Leaders and Scholars” and features the Faculty in Residence talking about their research or creative scholarship, from chemistry to criminal justice, family medicine to pharmacy practice.  It’s a wonderful chance to get to know more about the great faculty that live and work in the residence halls: from their specialties, to their hobbies, to ways to be more comfortable talking to faculty in general.

    If this sounds like a great idea, add HON 201 – CRN 21199 to your schedule.  This is a one-credit hour course, graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory.  But hurry! The deadline to change your schedule is September 2nd!

    (Note – this course is not limited to students who live on-campus!  All Honors College students are eligible to take this course – commuters, too!)


    Here is the full course description:

    HON 201 Faculty In Residence: Engaging Ideas to Build Leaders and Scholars – 1 hour

    21199                          7:00 - 7:50                   R                                  N. Ardinger

    This seminar brings the divergent expertise of campus housing Faculty in Residence (FIRs) to Honors College students. Faculty in Residence help realize a living-learning community by their presence at various sites in campus housing. This seminar will showcase select FIRs' research/creative scholarship and inter-professional collaborative education and practice, including chemistry, criminal justice, financial literacy, managerial studies, music, family medicine, and pharmacy practice, among others. Each FIR will engage students on issues of concern in specific areas of study and domains of work, emphasizing both theory and practice. Students will have opportunities to explore the range of scholarship/inter-professional education UIC has to offer, undergirded by a common core of eagerness to understand the experienced world.

  • UIC Summer School Announcement from Provost Poser

  • New Hon 200 course: Considering Antiracism: Moving from Ideas to Action