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  • About.me

    About.me makes it easy for people to learn about you and find your content. Create a free page in minutes with no coding required.

    Website and/or location: https://about.me/ Other helpful info: http://99u.com/articles/51669/how-to-write-about-me-section

  • My Next Move

    My Next Move is an interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career options. My Next Move has tasks, skills, salary information, and more for over 900 different careers. Users can find careers through keyword search; by browsing industries that employ different types of workers; or through the O*NET Interest Profiler, a tool that offers personalized career suggestions based on a person's interests and level of work experience.

    Website and/or location: http://www.mynextmove.org/

    Other helpful info: Habla espanol - http://www.miproximopaso.org/

  • Career Information: Research a Company, Organization or Industry

    UIC's reference librarians have gathered very useful resources in one location to help you research companies, write resumes, and prepare for your job search.

    For career information such as researching a company, organization or industry, and more - check out this website: http://researchguides.uic.edu/career_information

  • Student Temporary Service

    The Student Temporary Service is geared toward Students who are interested in short-term assignments around campus. Most positions last at least one to two days and up to two to three weeks in length.

    Website and/or location: http://studentemployment.uic.edu/STS.shtml Other helpful info: $8.68/hour minimum salary

  • Vault Career Insider

    Description: Instructions to access the Vault Career Insider hosted by the UIC Library to search for information on companies, industry, resumes, cover letters, and career path.

    Website and/or location: http://careerservices.uic.edu/docs/Vault%20instructions.pdf

  • Job Location and Development Program (JLD)

    The JLD Program locates and develops off-campus job opportunities for currently enrolled UIC students. The program provides students with jobs and internships that translate into valuable career-related work experiences.

    Website and/or location: http://studentemployment.uic.edu/job_location.shtml Other helpful info: The JLD Coordinator provides students in the program with job search information including resume and cover letter writing and interview tips, and weekly emails about job opportunities. The JLD Coordinator makes recruiting easier for employers by facilitating email blasts to students about open positions, arranging and publicizing Employer Information Booths, helping with job postings at UICCareers.com, and marketing though Career Fairs and Workshops.

  • Points of Light

    The world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service – mobilizes millions of people to take action and change the world. Select you interest and type in your zip code to get listings of volunteer opportunities near you.

    Website and/or location: http://www.pointsoflight.org/

    Other helpful info: Volunteering is a great way to build your resume, practice your skills, and/or learn new skills while benefiting others.

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook

    Description: The OOH can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

    Website and/or location: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/ Other helpful info:

  • Physics.org

    Description: Physics.org is brought to you by the Physics in Society team at the Institute of Physics. The aim is to inspire people of all ages about physics. Guide and show the best physics places on the web. Read useful advice and information about studying physics and careers from physics. Catch up with the latest physics news from across the web.

    Website and/or location: http://www.physics.org/careers.asp?contentid=381

    Other helpful info:

  • O*NET-SOC AutoCoder

    Description: Paste your resume into the “Job Description” box and click “search” to see what titles are related to the skills and experience you have in your resume.

    Website and/or location: http://onetsocautocoder.com

    Other helpful info: This tool can help you see what stands out in your resume, help you expand the job titles you search, or help you adjust your resume so it appeals to additional employers.

  • Student Jobs 101

    Description: Tips to create a LinkedIn profile and use LinkedIn to find positions for students by location, function, or industry.

    Website and/or location: https://students.linkedin.com/

  • Ask the Advising Resource Center

    Description: Students can send a message to the Advising Resource Center about any advising questions.

    Website and/or location: http://advising.uic.edu/ask-the-advising-resource-center/

  • Focus 2

    Description: Through mini quizzes, students can explore majors and careers that may be a good fit.

    Website and/or location: https://www.focuscareer2.com/Portal/Register.cfm?SID=1122

    Other helpful info: Students will need to enter the access code: flames and use their UIC email to make an account

  • Green Career Central

    Description: Explore careers in environmental science, natural resource management, energy, and other “green careers”.

    Website and/or location: http://www.greencareercentral.com/

  • The Savvy Student's Guide to UIC

    Description: List of many of the resources and student services on campus

    Website and/or location: http://catalog.uic.edu/ucat/the-university/savvy-students-guide/

  • Tips for Maximizing your Advising Appointment

    Description: Suggestions for ways for students to make the most of their advising appointments

    Website and/or location: http://advising.uic.edu/tips-for-maximizing-your-advising-appointment/

  • Getting Hired

    Description: Employment opportunities for people with disabilities

    Website and/or location: http://www.gettinghired.com/

    Other helpful info: Create an account and upload your resume.

  • Salary

    Description: Search for the base, median, and top-level compensation and benefits for hundreds of jobs. Website also includes articles about stock options and salary negotiation.

    Website and/or location: http://www.salary.com/

  • Career One Stop

    Description: Website dedicated to helping veterans transition from a military career to a civilian career

    Website and/or location: http://www.careeronestop.org/ReEmployment/Veterans/

  • Out and Equal

    Description: Career resources for the LGBT community including job opportunities and upcoming events

    Website and/or location: http://www.outandequal.org/resources/lgbt-careerlink/

  • Diversityemployers.com

    Description: Career resources for minorities including articles and job postings

    Website and/or location: http://www.diversityemployers.com/

  • The Free LinkedIn Tool That'll Make it So Much Easier to Connect With Awesome People

    Learn how to use the LinkedIn Alumni Tool to not only uncover job prospects, but to truly succeed in your career. Read on to learn how LinkedIn's Alumni Tool can help you grow and tap your network.

  • Congratulations on graduating. Now give up on your dreams.

    The author describes that ot is okay to have a career path in mind as you're graduating but to be flexible to the many twists and turns that path could have.