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IHRP Admin Info
The Institute for Health research and Policy exists to help scientific teams studying the complexity of chronic disease succeed in their research. Listed below are the people who can help you every day.

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    • Authorization (Signatures) – Veronica Johnston, director of administrative operations, and Paul Racinski, director of research operations, carry signatory power for IHRP. Robin Mermelstein, IHRP director, has ultimate signatory power for IHRP as a unit, and the Admin team will ensure she receives documents that require her signature.
    • Building-related issues (e.g., temperature, cleaning needs, paint, furniture, other maintenance – Email ihrp-frontdesk@uic.edu.
    • Computer issues (e.g., purchases, crashes, software installation, network and I drive access) – Email ihrpit@uic.edu.
    • Conference room reservations – Request online at https://roomreservation.ihrp.uic.edu. Limited to IHRP use only. Access using your IHRP network password.
    • Copier access codes (i.e., photocopier/scanner access for new funds or grants) – Email Sabah Basrawi at sbasra2@uic.edu.
    • Copier blues (e.g., toner replacement, lack of paper, malfunctions) – Email ihrp-frontdesk@uic.edu
    • Data Management Core – for consultation, email Kathi Diviak, DMC director, at kdiviak@uic.edu.
    • How-to’s – Useful info can be found on our shared drive at I:\ihrp resources
    • IT questions (see Computer issues above) -- Email ihrpit@uic.edu
    • IRB wisdom – Contact Dr. Kathi Diviak at kdiviak@uic.edu.
    • Keys – Request keys to an office or cubicle – Email ihrp-frontdesk@uic.edu
    • Locked-out colleague? See Admin directors on 5 or the IHRP Director’s office for a master key. After hours, the Facilities team can assist you.
    • Kitchen (e.g., paper towel, other supplies, sink leaks) -- Email ihrp-frontdesk@uic.edu
    • Letterhead – download electronic version from I drive at I:\ihrp resources\Communications\Letterhead - Stationery
    • Mail – questions about package deliveries or use of the Pitney Bowes machine – Email ihrp-frontdesk@uic.edu
    • Methodological consultation – contact Mike Berbaum, director of IHRP’s Methodological Research Core, at mberbaum@uic.edu or make an appointment with Juliet Pineros at jpiner2@uic.edu
    • News – Send research findings (before online publication!) or research activities of interest to the public to Jackie Carey at jmcarey@uic.edu, cc-ing Veronica at vjohnsto@uic.edu.
    • Office Space – Request a new office or cubicle, or assign one to a different grant* -- contact Linda Bernas at lmbernas@uic.edu.
    • Postage – Ensure enough postage is available for your large mailings – contact Sabah Basrawi at sbasra2@uic.edu at least one week before your mailing.
    • Web communications – for consultation on using the Web (including social media) to recruit participants, promote research findings, etc., contact Veronica at vjohnsto@uic.edu.
    • www.ihrp.uic.edu – Send corrections or requests regarding the IHRP website to ihrp-webfix@uic.edu

    *IHRP space is designated only for research, and its usage is subject to campus and federal audits at any time of the year. Please help your colleagues keep records current.



    • Grant proposals – Investigators considering a grant application should notify Paul Racinski (racinski@uic.edu) or their assigned grant manager at least eight (8) weeks in advance.
    • iBuy or TEM access – Email the request with the employee’s name & UIN, grants to be charged, and scope of use, copying the PI, to Veronica Johnston, USC, at vjohnsto@uic.edu.
    • Mobile devices – Order cell phones or other mobile devices through Telecom. Contact Sabah at sbasra2@uic.edu to coordinate.
    • P-card or T-card – Request a new card by contacting Sabah Basrawi, department card manager, at sbasra2@uic.edu.
    • Signatures – When IHRP Director Robin Mermelstein is unavailable, Paul Racinski (568) and Veronica Johnston (565) have the authority to review, approve and sign documents on the behalf of the institute or – with paper documentation of PI approval – for an IHRP principal investigator.
    • Telecom – Order a new VOIP phone, or move one to a different office -- contact Sabah at sbasra2@uic.edu.
    • TEM bafflement – If the TEM job aides or references do not answer your question, contact TEMhelp@uillinois.edu. If you still have trouble, then email Karen Ein at kein@uic.edu.
    • Unit Security Contacts (USC) — Veronica Johnston (vjohnto@uic.edu) and Paul Racinski (racinski@uic.edu)



    Contact your grant manager or Sabah Basrawi (sbasra2@uic.edu).