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  • UIC Heritage Garden Application Now Open - Due 3/11

    Poster shows three images in circles. The first image is of 4 interns with watering cans and shovels gardening in front of the mural at the Latino Cultural Center. The second image is of an intern holding a camera and taking a photo. The third image is of an intern watering a garden bed. At the bottom there’s a QR code and the UIC Heritage Garden Logo, a tree with roots with two hands holding a sun. The side graphics include the Heritage Garden website and “Summer 2022” in yellow letters against an orange background. The title of the poster in green letters is on the top of the poster, in a yellow background, and reads “UIC Heritage Garden Internship Applications Now Available!! Due March 11th by midnight.” The bottom graphics are white letters on an orange background. These include the logo for the UIC Centers for Cultural U nderstanding and Social Change, as well as the following text “Support provided by the UIC sustainability Fee and the US Forest Service International Program."