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  • Join us for the Crip Paint Power: Representation as a Feminist Act (3/29 @ 3pm)

    Bold block letters outlined in red on a pale pink background read "Crip Paint Power," and in bold red text below, "Representation as a Feminist Act." Additional event details appear in red and black text next to a painting by Genevieve Ramos and a photo of the artist in a scalloped frame. The painting shows a person wearing a crown of flowers on black hair, and their face is cropped just below two eyes looking down with thick lashes and eyebrows that meet in the middle. Genevieve is a smiling Mexican-American woman with curly shoulder length hair that is dark with red dye at the ends. She is wearing oversized hot pink earrings and a black top with an x detail across the chest. She holds a paintbrush in her hand.