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  • Roots Grow Together: Mental Health & Wellness Mixer - 11/14

    The flyer background is a cream color with orange, pink, and brown decorative paint strokes on its sides. At the top middle of the page is written, ‘University of Illinois at Chicago’ and ‘A Disability and Human Development (DHD) 400 Capstone Project’ in brown text. Below this is the title, ‘Roots Grow Together: Mental Health & Wellness Mixer’ in brown, larger text. Below the title is the date, time, and location in yellow small font. The date is November 14th, 2022, the time is 3 PM to 4:30pm, and the location is 400 S Peoria Street, 5th Floor. In the center of the flyer is a picture of a canvas on top of an easel with yellow, pink, and brown paint marks and dots on it. Below the easel are the paint cups and to the right is a yellow cup with brushes inside it. On the left-hand side of the flyer, the collaborators are liste d: CIRCA-Pintig and Digital Tapestries. The bottom left-hand side of the flyer states, “Join us for a mental health and disability-related mixer where we will watch a film, create art, and have a roundtable discussion! We hope to create a safe space for all individuals to talk. Sign-up via Google form by scanning the qr code”. At the bottom right-hand side of the flyer is the QR code to scan and sign-up for the event.