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  • Synthetic Biology Research Experience for Undergraduates (SynBREU) - Application Deadline Feb. 18th

    The background color is dark purple with light purple tilted hexagons at each corner. At the bottom right hexagon, there is a graphic of light purple erlenmeyer flask with circles inside. At the top right corner, there is a hexagon with an atomic orbit symbol. Slightly down, there is another purple hexagon with an image of microscope in light purple. On the right are three pictures that are arranged vertically, each showcasing different individuals in a lab. The first image on the top includes a student's smiles while showing their Principal Investigator a blue microcentrifuge tube rack. The Principal Investigator stands to the right of the student. The student has brown hair and bangs that are swayed to the left side. The student is wearing a white lab coat and goggles. The Principal Investigator is wearing a lilac collared shirt with lab coat and black glasses. The Principal Investigator has brown hair as well as a connected beard and mustache. Behind them are three wooden shelves with bottled chemical containers.  The next image below shows a Principal Investigator holding up a petri dish next to a student. The petri dish includes different orange dots spread inside. The Principal Investigator is standing on the right while the student stands on the left side. The Principal Investigator is wearing white gloves and a dark gray sweater as well as safety goggles. The Principal Investigator has black hair and sideburns. The student is wearing a white lab coat and safety goggles. They are tilting their head towards the petri dish. The student has black hair and a buzzcut haircut. Behind them there is a silver table.  The last image has two students working on a project together. On the left side, a student holding a pipette with their right hand at a 45 degree angle. This student is wear ing a lab coat, purple gloves, and eyeglasses. The student has blond hair and a couple of strands of hair in front of their face. The other student to the right wears a white lab coat, eyeglasses, and purple gloves. The student has brown hair tied to the back. This student's left hand is lifted up to help the other student. Behind the two students, there are two shelves with chemical containers. In front of the students are pipettes and empty containers for lab samples.