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  • Please Join the WAANT Program and Engage with Artists, Activists, Educators, & Researchers this Fall 2022 - Deadline 09/02

    WAANT Program  Wellness through Asian American Narratives and Theater Image *Portraits of two Asian/Asian American faces painted by Artist Alfred Tsao*  What is it? Opportunity to learn how to become a community story collector through a series of integrated arts workshops with artists and activists  ● Bringing together student, campus, and community voices on UIC campus ● Creating a safe space to communicate about Asian American mental health ● Exploring creative approaches to destigmatize mental health in Asian American communities  o Fall 2022: Story Collecting o Spring 2023: Production & Exhibits  If interested, fill out this electronic form by September 2nd, 2022:  For more information, contact: - Rooshey Hasnain - - Ginger Leopoldo -  Funder: UIC Awards for Creative Activity Grant Program  Involved Organizations (image logos): ● UIC Department of Applied Health Sciences ● CIRCA-Pintig ● UIC Department of Disability and Human Development ● Digital Tapestries