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  • Hannah Chaddha: Race, Representation, and Life in the Big Brother House

    A flyer with a light purple background. There is a prominent shape of a house filled with a dark green background and light green outside borders. At the tip of the house is the red UIC circle logo with the list of sponsors in white font. Below the list is the name Hannah Chaddha in light green font with honorifics and program title in white font. Below in the center is a picture of a young woman with brown skin tone and chin-length dark hair. She is posed with her right hand in a fist under her chin while her right elbow is supported by her left arm. She is wearing a pink powersuit at the landing of a set of stairs. A filter is used to give the photo a soft glare. A blue border surrounds the photo. To the left of the photo is the date and time of the event while at the right is an RSVP link. Both are in white font. Below the photo is a text block containing a brief biography, information on accessibility accommodations, and an email address for more information. All are in white font.